Number of gamers worldwide: 3.2 billion

Gamers worldwide: 3.2 billion

Gamers globally spend $200+ billion per year on consoles and in-app purchases. Overall, this exceeds the movie and music industries combined.

Focus on the mobile gaming market: +20% increased spending

Cyber Arena enables a seamless transition from PC to mobile based games.

Cyber Arena multi-billion dollar market

Annual multi-billion dollar market with focus on mobile and crypto games.

$180 B

Video games

$160 B

Mobile games



$ 4.5B

In-game token items

We bring solutions to crypto games

We’ve developed 15+ mobile games with 30M+ downloads, including work on Star Wars: Rebellion, Witcher 3, Battlefield 3, Mad Max, and more.

Problems in Crypto Games

Forcing the crypto aspect
Boring, repetitive gameplay
2D, low quality art
Underdelivering on promises

Cyber Arena Solutions

Diverse addictive gameplay models
Stunning 3D art with animations
Well defined scope, fast launch
Reasonable development buffers
Seamless crypto integration
Expertise with 8+ years of experience

CyberArena Roadmap

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