$CAT Native Token

$CAT powers the Cyber Arena ecosystem. Holders fuel the in-game economy, via staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buybacks, and burns.


Total Token Supply


Public : 20%
Private : 2.5%
Staking liquidity, MM, Incentives : 12.5%
Ecosystem : 20%
Reserve : 10%
Team : 20%
Advisors : 5%
Growth : 10%

Value through fees

Royalty fees are charged to the gamers within Cyber Arena, which feeds and increases the token value.


A 2.5% fee is applied to all NFT trades on the Cyber Market. This includes buying arenas, skins, avatars, avatar wearables, in-game items, etc.


Third-party 3D artists can build custom arenas, characters, and skins. The protocol takes a 30% fee generated from modded earnings.

Tournament Gaming

Tournament participation requires a ticket, purchases of the tickets feed into a prize pool, and Cyber Arena receives 5% of all accrued ticket fees.

Staked Gameplay

Staked play and leaderboard rankings are only available for gameplay with staked in-game tokens. Game takes a 2.5% fee on the stake.

Token Release Schedule

Token Use Percentage Supply Vesting Schedule
Total Supply 100% 5,000,000,000 Monthly
Ecosystem 20% 1,000,000,000 Unlock over 50 months
Staking, LP, MM & Incentives 12.5% 750,000,000 20% at TGE, 30 days cliff, then linear over 16 months.
Growth 10% 500,000,000 10% at TGE, 120 days cliff, then linear over 20 months.
Reserve 10% 700,000,000 1 year fully locked, then linear over 24 months.
Private 2.5% 625,000,000 16% at TGE, 120 days cliff, then linear over 21 months.
Public 20% 125,000,000 30% at TGE, 120 days cliff, then linear over 14 months.
Advisors 5% 200,000,000 1 year fully locked, then linear over 12 months.
Team 20% 1,100,000,000 1 year fully locked, then linear over 24 months.

Ecosystem Economy

The token ecosystem is driven by demand from gameplay perks and value from the metaverse economy.


Voting power: $CAT holders have a voting power to influence the future direction of the protocol.
Can vote to burn up to 25% of bought back tokens.

In-Game Revenue

Buybacks: portion of income is used to buy more tokens.
Burns: voters can burn up to 25% of bought back tokens.
NFT Minting: burning tokens can be upgraded to NFTs.


Staking: unlocks specific NFTs.
Staking rewards: up to 75% of bought tokens.
Locks: half of 12% early unstake fees are rewarded to stakers.
LP staking: 50% higher weight in rewards.

Marketplace Revenue

Discounts: NFT royalty fees are discounted for token stakers.
Buybacks: up to 50% of NFT fees can be bought back.
Staking yield: up to 50% of NFT fees are used to reward stakers.

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